Here at Black Sheep Technology we build solutions for the farming industry. Our Digital Shepherds are all experts in their fields (pun intended) and specialise in utilising the very latest technologies to provide real benefit to farmer.

We follow a ‘farmer-first’ mentality in everything we do, creating tools which prioritise the needs of the farmers above everything else. Our solutions focus on pastoral farming, making tracking, recording and selling animals easier than ever. Our tools remove time consuming paper-based records and ensure full compliance will all of the rules and regulations that govern modern farming.

Our Flock Finder tool focussed specifically on livestock management. It provides value to farmers by streamlining livestock tracking and administration. It assists in all of the tricky areas of animal husbandry, such as; medication tracking and withdrawal period logging, automatic reporting of movement forms, animal lineage etc.

It is fully integrated with RFID readers so that you can use EID’s to quickly and easily capture the animals details, don’t worry though, it works just as well if you don’t have a reader.

Flock Market focuses on remote selling of livestock. Closely integrated with Flock Finder, farmers can quickly and easily upload stock onto the site where buyers will be able to filter and search for the inventory they want to purchase.

Utilising the data captured through Flock Finder our solution provides better insight to the buyers, resulting in greater confidence in the produce and a better solution for all. As there is no need to visit a physical marketplace, you not only save time but you can sell stock 24/7 without being impacted by quarantine periods.

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